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WRS Officers 2019 - 2020

President: COL (R) John Pierce

First Vice President: COL (R) Brian Foley

Vice President, Projects: LTC (R) Linda Anderson

Vice President, Development:
Contact for Donors:
COL (R) Fred Brand
Phone: (301) 916 - 0508

Vice President, Membership: COL (R) George Turiansky

Vice President, Communications: CAPT (R) John Gallicchio

Vice President, Finance: MCPO (R) John Frankenberg

Vice President, Programs: COL (R) Vandy Miller

Vice President, Patient Services: Contact for Warrior/Family Support Fund:
SGM (R) Dan Bullis
Phone: (301) 310 - 3364

Secretary: COL (R) Fred McLain

Treasurer: LTC (R) John Wetterau

President Emerita: COL (R) Janet Southby

President Emeritus: COL (R) Joe Konzelman

Historian: COL (R) John Pierce

Administrator: Hermalene M. Taylor