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At THE WALTER REED SOCIETY, INC., we understand your concerns about releasing information on the internet. All personal health information submitted via this web site is handled in accordance to our privacy practices and is strictly for use by THE WALTER REED SOCIETY, INC. for enhancing your online experience.

Other uses for this information include understanding the traffic patterns of visitors to our site, general statistics on usage and timeframe so we can know when to upgrade our system and research into the needs of the consumer.

THE WALTER REED SOCIETY, INC. will not sell or otherwise transfer this information to outside companies. THE WALTER REED SOCIETY, INC. supports the anti-spamming legislation currently passing through congress. THE WALTER REED SOCIETY, INC. will only send you information if you request it or give your permission.

We are committed to protecting the privacy rights of our web site visitors. As a visitor you can be assured that we will not collect any personally identifiable information without your authorization. Your authorization is granted when you fill out a form on our site or send us an e-mail message. When you submit information to us, you can expect us to use the information to respond to your inquiry. We do not give away or sell the information that you submit to us. We do, however, maintain an electronic file of this data.


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THE WALTER REED SOCIETY, INC. web site is the property of THE WALTER REED SOCIETY, INC. and is protected by U.S. copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. Components of THE WALTER REED SOCIETY, INC. web site, including audio, video, text, and graphics, may not be reproduced or copied for any purpose without the written consent of THE WALTER REED SOCIETY, INC.

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Our web site contains links to other web sites. These links are for information only. We re-evaluate the appropriateness of such links each time we update the pages on which they appear. Links that are non-functioning are either removed or corrected. We invite our web site visitors to use the Contact Us feedback form to report non-functioning links on our site. Additionally, we encourage our web site visitors to be aware of when they leave our site.

Non-Secure E-Mail

In general, Internet e-mail is inherently not secure. In light of this, we recommend that items considered highly confidential or private in nature not be communicated through e-mail. You are communicating with us via e-mail when you fill out the feedback forms on our web site and when you send e-mail to any THE WALTER REED SOCIETY, INC. e-mail address published on our web site.

THE WALTER REED SOCIETY, INC. web site runs on a secure server with restricted access to information. We have taken all reasonable measures to ensure the security of your information.

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We use software to record and track traffic to our site to help us assess and enhance our web site.