Fred C Brand


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Fred C. Brand 28 June 1935 – 29 August 2021

Fred C. Brand was born in Baraboo, Wisconsin June 28, 1935 and remained there through high school where he graduated with honors and as captain of the basketball team. From age 13 through college, Fred worked summers at his parent’s tourist stop at Devil’s Lake state park as bartender, gas jockey and fry cook.

At the University of Wisconsin (Class of ’58), Fred earned a B.A., was Eminent Archon of the SAE fraternity and in Army ROTC. After ROTC, Fred was commissioned in the Army Medical Service Corps where he served for over 26 years on active duty.

His first assignment was to Germany where he commanded the 417 Medical Company and the Medical Company of the 128th Evacuation Hospital. It was here he met and married Charleen Gardner from Oklahoma. Then on to Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) as assistant troop commander and other positions in the Personnel division. While there, he was selected to help start the Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing (WRAIN). After the launch of WRAIN, he became a full-time student at George Washington University achieving a M.S. in Personnel Administration.

Fred went to Vietnam in 1969 where he was assigned to the USARV Surgeon’s Office as Assistant Chief, Personnel Division. Upon return, he held the same title at the Letterman Army Medical Center. Next, he attended the U.S. Command and General Staff College for a year prior to returning to WRAMC for over 5 years as Adjutant and Assistant Chief of Staff for Administration. In 1977, he was back to Germany as Commander 47th Medical Battalion, 1st Armored Division. He also spent 3 years in Heidelberg as the Assistant Chief of Staff, Personnel at 7th MEDCOM & USAEUR Surgeon HQ.

His last assignment was at Ft. Detrick, MD as Chief of Staff Medical Research and Development Command. He retired from active duty on October 1, 1984. His awards included LOM (2), MSM, BSM, ACM (2).

Upon retirement, he took advantage of his recent ties to Germany returning for skiing the Alps, Volksmarching and general travels. Settling in Germantown, MD Fred started a career in residential real estate eventually becoming a broker and opening his own office. At one time he was very active in the Montgomery County Realtors Association chairing seven committees and serving two terms on its Board of Directors. At 65, he greatly reduced his real estate activity and took many trips with his children to Eastern Europe and Central & South America. Much time was spent in Costa Rica in support Ilar Muul, PhD and his Conservation Research Foundation, a non-profit fostering rainforest conservation, management, preservation and development.

Around Thanksgiving 1995, then MG Ron Blanck gathered a small group together to explore ways in which the broader community might become more involved with Walter Reed. The result was the Walter Reed Society (WRS) which has received and donated millions of dollars to wounded warriors, their families, caregivers as well as gifts to enhance the patient experience. Fred served as the founding president.

Later in life, he was lucky enough to discover Rosalina Flores and her daughter B. Elena who were his loving companions and caretakers.

Fred is survived by two very much-loved children Greg and Holly.