The Borden Institute created a Walter Reed Army Medical Center Centennial in which you may view the legacy of the medical center during its 100-year plus history.

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"The Walter Reed Army Medical Center Centennial, A Pictorial History, 1909-2009 (2009) – a photographic history highlighting 100 years at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Contains images of the changing campus from its original plans through the construction of two hospitals and support, museum, and research buildings; clinical, research, and rehabilitative activities; and patients, staff, and visitors through the years.

"The Borden Institute, an agency of the US Army Medical Department Center & School, publishes the Textbooks of Military Medicine. The volumes in the series, now numbering 20, constitute a comprehensive treatise on the art and science of military medicine, covering such diverse topics as military preventive medicine, military medical ethics, harsh environments, and care of combat injuries.


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